Automatic Telescopic Doors

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Door type:Telescopic


KS4000 is a telescopic sliding door from the TECNOVA-KBB sliding door family. Telescopic sliding doors are mostly adapted for spacious entrances, aesthetic appeal and high passing efficiency. The largest TECNOVA-KBB telescopic sliding door can be 4 meters high and 8 meters wide when open.


1. Multiple functions

Multiple functionalities allow you to choose from manual operation, automatic full open, automatic half open one way in /out and lock mode as required. 

37 built-in parameters including door opening speed, closing speed, half opening width, open time and lock status can all be adjusted at your convenience.


2. Quality assurance

All models have undergone over 3,000,000 tests including high and low temperature tests. Models have been run for 72 hours at 70℃ without trouble. Low temperature tests prove normal running operation to an impressive -17 degree.


3. Safety

The door leaves will automatically reverse when resistance is detected. Optional electronic locking mechanisms protect users’ safety.


4. Intelligence

The unique PSA control board offers quick and easy function adjustment and troubleshooting. Placed within 50 meters of the door, it is capable of handling function adjustment, parameter adjustment, function selection and breakdown diagnosis display.

The operator adopts a modularized design extending the automatic doors life-span, allowing for convenient examination, repairing and safety protecting.


5. Quietness

Drive unit adopts a patented speed reduction mechanism, a special nylon fiber guide rail and a self-lubricating nylon load bearing pulley mechanism. All features greatly reduce the automatic door’s motion noise and give users a quieter and more comfortable experience.

  • Achieving the maximum useful opening width in a predefined opening is the most important advantages of this product in comparison with other products of sliding door family.


Automatic Telescopic Doors
Automatic Telescopic Doors0
Automatic Telescopic Doors

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