Automatic Curved Sliding Doors

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Door type:Automatic Curved

The revolving door and sliding door in one, designed graceful and concisely, that’s the TECNOVA-KBB automatic curved door with the Model KC1000.KC1000 is becoming a more and more popular option due to its outstanding performances, such as various appearance, multi-function, energy-savings and environmentally friendly, it was warmly welcomed by Modern buildings from all around the world.


Safety Features:

1. Interlock

Interlock refers to the status of one door leaf being locked while the other remains open during the curved sliding door’s motion.

2. Self-Tests

When the automatic door begins to work, it establishes the self-learning process and calculates the optimum open/close speed, acceleration /deceleration time, low speed distance, and other features. This function starts automatically when the door is powered on, ensuring the door to operate in the optimal state.

3. Simple Operation & Troubleshoot System

Invented by TECNOVA-KBB, the PSA control panel is an innovation in the world of automatic door control systems. The seven modes can be easily switched through the PSA control panel. This panel can also be used to make adjustments to the operation parameters, while showing any possible error codes through a display.

4. EMG solution

When power supply fail, the large capacity UPS can ensure at least 30 minutes normal operation of the door, make people safe all the time.

5. Mobile Phone/Internet Monitoring

TECNOVA-KBB’s unique control software can be used to facilitate the management of the door through mobile phones or the internet. With this feature, the operator could monitor the operation status and alarms of the door.

  • اقتصادی بودن این درب نسبت به درب گردان درحالیکه ظاهری فوق‌العاده زیبا و نزدیک به درب گردان را داراست. 
  • در ورودی‌هایی که با محدودیت فضا برای نصب درب‌های گردان وجود دارد، می‌توان از این نوع درب‌ها، با حفظ ظاهر گرد استفاده کرد.
Automatic Curved Sliding Doors
Automatic Curved Sliding Doors0
Automatic Curved Sliding Doors

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