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TECNOVA-KBB high efficiency security turnstiles is one of the best entrance control in the world, which could be equipped with almost any system of different buildings, such as access control, time and attendance, visitors, card transceivers and tickets, as well as being able to handle CCTV and other additions.


General Description:

1. Appearance and design: Specially designed according to operational environment and tailored to the building style.

2. Material: Stainless steel, Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Stone, Titanium alloy

3. Passage width: 400mm ~ 3000mm

4. Dimension: Designed according to specific project dimensions

5. Surface finish: Hair brushed, Satin brushed, Polished, Electroplated coating, Watermarked.

6. Environment:

            Suitable for environments, +80 degree~ -45 degree

            Humidity >95%

            Protection: IP11 ~ IP67

Swing Gate Turnstile:

The high strength paddle gate rotates on a fixed axis to allow controlled entry and egress.

This option allows the widest controlled turnstile walkway, with a passage width between 550mm-1000mm.

By shape, swing gate turnstiles can be divided into bridge type, vertical type and cylinder type.

Vertical and cylinder types required reduced space, are easy to install, but have a short passage length offering limited pedestrian detecting features.

Bridge type swing gate turnstiles offer extended passage length, with stronger pedestrian detecting features and higher safety levels.

Compared to tripod turnstiles, bridge types include pedestrian detecting features monitoring pedestrians more effectively and with improved anti tailgating features.

They are also suitable when wide passage widths are required such as wheelchair access or pedestrians with large luggage or bicycles.


Other Description:

1. Advanced safety features. Equipped with more than 10 pairs of military specification infrared sensors, which accurately monitor safety and security functions, including anti- pass back, tailgating, illegal access, anti-squeeze and orientation identification.

2. Speed Technology. Adjustable Opening/closing time for swing gates and wing gates can be as low as 0.35s.

3. Appearance. Class leading breakthrough on curved design appearance and surface treatment ahead of competitors.

  • Improving the security and traffic control at the entrances of the building.
  • Improving efficiency of lobby-man and the guards of the buildings that need more security.



Gates Turnstile
Gates Turnstile0
Gates Turnstile

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