TECNOVA believes that people movement is extremely important in complex buildings like shopping centers. Visitors must be able to find shops, restaurants and services easily and movement must be able to continue safely and without congestion. TECNOVA  solutions are highly reliable and durable to transport passengers safely and smoothly to make shopping experiences as pleasant as possible. TECNOVAproducts are also stylish and aesthetically pleasing and can be customized to match the decor of any retail environment.
Every store type and building is unique in terms of how shoppers move around, how many visit and when, and how they browse. Department stores, big-box stores, shopping centers, and independent retail buildings all have different requirements. Regardless of the business model, doors play a very important role in ensuring the smooth, safe and secure flow of people and goods.
Pedestrian doors help create the optimal shopping experience and ensure the quickest possible return on investment, while industrial doors ensure a smooth flow of goods into, around and out of the building. In the event of an emergency such as a fire, the doors should allow large numbers of people to safely escape the building in the shortest possible time, while also helping prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

The issues to take into consideration when specifying door solutions for retail buildings include:

  • Capacity and accessibility requirements
  • Desired people flow routing, depending on the store type
  • Relationship between doors and vertical transportation solutions
  • Available space for the door solutions
  • Fire safety and related regulations, evacuation routes
  • Security, including burglary protection needs
  • Accessibility requirements
  • Environmental factors such as heating, cooling and insulation
  • Goods flow for loading-bay and warehouse areas


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