Users of residential buildings need an elevator that will make their everyday activities easier. It should be quick, safe and big enough to fit a stroller or a wheelchair and simple enough to operate even for older residents or passengers with their hands full.
TECNOVA elevators deliver all this, with comfort and style. Performance of TECNOVA passenger elevators is defined as ride comfort, efficient traffic handling, energy efficiency and reliability (up to 200,000 starts per year in residential building and general purpose buildings).
When it comes to people’s homes, the focus is on safety, security, and convenience. Fire protection and other relevant regulations are also extremely important considerations. Here, door solutions work in harmony with other building equipment to ensure the best possible quality of life for all residents.
Residential buildings are increasingly evolving into mixed-use facilities that also incorporate retail and office spaces. This trend demands a clear separation of the different functions’ people flows while still maintaining accessibility. Some residential buildings may also incorporate features that are more typical of offices or hotels. For example, upscale residential buildings may have a lobby and reception and some may even have personal elevators going directly to apartments. All these cases place unique demands on the building design in terms of the appropriate door solutions.

The issues to take into consideration when specifying door solutions for residential buildings include:

  • Ensuring smooth, convenient people flow for all residents with any accessibility requirements and maximizing usable floor space within apartments
  • Emergency exits and evacuation routes
  • Parking garage requirements
  • Access to shared facilities like laundry rooms, garbage disposal facilities and other communal spaces
  • Goods and people flow for maintenance activities

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